You're probably busy watching or downloading the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy, House, Dirty Sexy Money or maybe the lackluster 'Heroes', but recently i was forced to watch one psychologically disturbing series called "The Tom and Jerry Show".

Cats and mice. Eternal enemies. Forever foes. And in this idle mode i am currently in, i still can't come to terms with the fact that Jerry always, always comes on top on every "Tom and Jerry Show".

I prefer Tom, a cat who does his job well, to look over to house, specifically to kill mices like Jerry.

It's just stereotype episode by episode. Jerry steals a piece of cheese, runs and fools Tom, Tom ends up being burnt, chopped, slashed, squashed and electrocuted.

Tom tries hard but still, he is not able to kill that elusive twat, Jerry.

Of course if he does kill Jerry, that would spell the end of the series.

And i've always thought people liked Tom more than Jerry, since these mice, all they do is steal food, they inhabit our houses, these sources of infection, these small furry rodents are just disturbing to the sight!

To my surprise, people love Jerry because of him being a smart mouse, always manages to find his way out of every acute situation.

I hate Jerry, so i am proposing a movie entitled "The Death of Jerry".

It starts with Tom chasing Jerry around the house, and when Jerry about to maneuver a move, Tom manages to ditch the attack, and after 243,567 eposides, he decides that's about it!

Revenge is sweet.

They talk. They negotiate. But Tom has become a psychopath. He just can't say "no" to the chance of killing this mortal enemy.

"This is it." He hangs Jerry until he almost loses his last breath. Gasping for air, he unties the knot off the neck and from nowhere appears an electric chair.

Jerry. Electrocuted.

Then Tom goes to the kitchen, with Jerry almost dead. Decides to cook curry for dinner.

Mice Curry. But changes his mind , thinks about Roasted Jerry instead. Rethinks, and maybe he prefers Mouse waffle. Settles down with Mice Curry, pure unadulterated authentic Indian style.

Then the most defining moment in the history of the show. With the steam of the semi prepared curry sauce clouding over, Tom puts Jerry in the boiling gravy, closes the lid of the pan, and waits.

He waits the longest wait of his life. The wait for the tasty, succulent meat of Jerry.

And when the Mice curry is prepared, he opens the lid and walla...

Jerry Curry. Digested by his stomach juices, Jerry finally dies and the series come to an epic end.

The Death of Jerry. Mickey and Minnie Mouses, do take note.

PS : Nothing psychopathic about me or this post. As you can see, i am in this psychedelic mood with the new template and vibrant colours all around.


Anonymous said...

elehhhh..camne tom tangkap jerry in the first place????bukan ke sll fail???hahahahaahahahaah

QifA said...

ni special episode cum movie..jerry las2 mati gak..

sapa ni anonymous?rahsia gila.misteri nusantara

Kamal said...

ever thought of writing a script for those road runner and coyote shows? the plot is kinda the same. haha.

QifA said... wud b easier to write scripts for those i do hope the coyote catches that speedy thing watever it is

13 said...

perasan gak template baru..boleh cilok ni gadget best2 tu.heh.

agak2 filem ko ni lepas penapisan tak?

QifA said...

gadget cumulus tu sempoi gila matpi..cilok blog kau..haha

lpas je filem ni rasanya