He may not want to be known as one. But he is indeed a legend.

Suffice to say, i miss my old blog between faith and football. Cause it would be much more appropriate to put this up on that blog.


In a footballing world where materialism exceeds professionalism, Mohamed Aboutreika is a shining beacon which enlightens us all, a man with high ambitions to change the world.

With the power that he has, of course he can't save the world. He can't go bomb Israeli troops which just launched a ground assault into Gaza.

But footballers have emotions and his is something to be admired of.

He got his message clear by wearing a t-shirt underneath with the message :-

"Sympathize with Gaza"

He scored the winning goal in the African Cup of Nations after a pass from Mohammad Zidan. Scored some beautiful free kick goals.

And above all, he refused a higher salary than his fellow teammate although he deserves it, claiming that equality should be practised in every team.

Cristiano Ronaldo, take note.

Mohammad Aboutreika is legend. (thanks to Ikraq Zhafirin for the link which inspired this post.)

PS : Donate for Mercy Malaysia's Palestine relief fund here. Take some time to visit the website and spend some money for our brothers and sisters there.


telo said...

ade mention name aku aa...

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'sympathize with gaza'

QifA said...

hoho..thanx telo for the link