Rabbis protesting

"What is happening now in Gaza is not between the Muslim and the Jews; nor it is between Islam and Judaism; but it is a case between the oppressed (Palestinians) and the oppressor (Zionists)!" "The oppressors are not only the Zionists; Bush and the European leaders; the oppressors also include MUBARAK!, ABBAS!, THE SAUDI ROYAL FAMILY!" "And the good news is, They are all coming down!!! They are all coming down!!!"

Azzam Tamimi, 10/1/2009; London, UK.

Azzam Tamimi is a British Palestinian political activist, championing the Palestinian cause. The excerpt above was taken from this cool blog, written by Maszlee Malik.

I do wonder the position of Saudi Arabia in the war against zionism. They 'supposedly' should take the lead, since they are a 'real' Islamic country, which most people would define as a country pracitising Hudud laws.

What they are doing now is contemplating the consequences of their relations with the USA, who themselves are the biggest ally of the Zionistic Israeli state.

Their oil business. Their economical consequences. Their this. Their that. Repercussions in abundance. They have multiple reasonings.

And this is not a war against Jews. It's against the damned Zionists, who mask themselves with the teachings of Judaism in order to gain support. What you have is a destructive force capable of atrocities and genocides without any punishments or trials. Cunning, very.

According to Maszlee Malik (writer of the blog), if you're in Malaysia, never, i mean never donate to any organisations with links to the Palestinian Embassy since they are a bunch of ugly looking corrupted politicians. Instead, try donating to organisations which have clear objectives and a good track record, such as Mercy and the Red Crescent Society of Malaysia and others.

PS : Finished my first exam today. Woooooooooot! One down. Two to go. Thanks to Matpih for the links on his yahoo messenger.


13 said...

yang 3.5 million tu,kalau malaysia kasi kat kedutaan palestin,rugi a..kaye a diorang..ko pesan a kat Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari suruh pass persatuan yang jelas..kalau tak rugi fiq..

QifA said...

x silap aku dia pass kat dr m yang persatuan anti perang ke apa ntah..harap2 dr m x bagi kat palestine embassy