In 2001, Proton produced one work of genius which has attained a cult status in the motoring world of Malaysia. Yes, the work of genius i am talking about is none other than the irresistible, the immaculate, the king of all cars, Proton Juara.

When i laid my eyes upon this miraculous work of artistic intelligence, deep inside i thought :-

"I've got to have this one day!". I've always told my mom i just love the geometric shape of Juara, which really looks quite frankly, like a box.

People considered this to be one of the most unimaginative piece of thrash on the road. With its shape and design, some labelled the card, "the moving washing machine."

Others went as far as calling it "the roaming refrigerator." And that is when i say, "this is a work of art, an engineering beauty."

Why the discrimination? Why the double standards? Because it is Malaysian made? I tell you what, if Mazda or Mitsubishi were to release something like this, the people will go :-

"OooO..AaAaA...This is a beauty! Japaneses really do make good cars!."

Look closely and admire the geometricity of this ice cube looking, box shaped designed family car!

You think you BMWs are the best? You think you're German enough to own one? Huh?

Ford? That's American!

Your Skyline GTRs. Your EVOs. Your Mazdas and Toyotas? Japanese cars are the bomb, but still...

I will still tell you Juara is the best. Hands down, it should win some kind of engineering or car designing award!

One word. Absolute Genius.

Final score. Juara 1 - 0 All the cars in the world.

THIS is another one of the most beautiful piece of metal moving on the road. The Classic Volkswagen Beetle.

The sound of its working engine is a melody unrivalled of any cars. That loud chugging sound, mimicking a machine gun.

My friend had one of these cars, and after SPM we used to roam around Alor Star with this car, and the loud sound of the engine storms through the city, as if we were the kings making an entrance to a big party.

Now, go buy your Skylines and EVOs and Audis, while i dream of my Juara and my beetle.


Azzad said...

aku nak beli proton savvy, rupa dia macho gak. aritu siap menang top ten cars di thailand. tapi standard ah orang malaysia, pandang hina. papepun proton kena tingkatkan kualiti lagi.

QifA said...

owh..bukan nak kutuk tapi savvy agak teruk azzad..kak aku beli dulu, kena overhaul engine semua..

ya aku setuju proton memang kena tingkatkan kualiti dari semua aspek, pengeluaran kereta dan jugalah servis. tak leh cepat puas hati sangat.

magma3637 said...

"if Mazda or Mitsubishi were to release something like this, the people will go :-

"OooO..AaAaA...This is a beauty! Japaneses really do make good cars!."

well, malaysian~
(esp melayu?)

agree with u about the Juara.

QifA said...

hmm...malaysians in general kot muhanna

nge said...

aku setuju psl volkswagon ko. beetle tu aku minat gak.

aku xsuke juara.
aku mcm org malaysia laen yg ckp jaura buruk dan mcm peti ais atas jalan.
ade ke org nk bli?

jmp gak aku org yg nk bli. ko.

xkesah a jepon ke..mane2 company pon wat. still buruk gak.
aku rase jepon da kuakan dulu van mcm tu b4 juara tu kua.
try a search.

kereta tempatan perlu tingkatkan lg kualiti klo nk kete tempatan lebih disanjung bkn dikutuk dihina.

Kamal said...

if im not mistaken, 3 cars from proton, that proton doesnt really recognize eventhough they made them: juara, tiara and putra.

look it up in proton brochures, none of them ever existed! haha.

and savvy is just a cover up of the faulty tiara.

QifA said...

Nge kau sama mcm roommate2 aku payuz n vick..

First time jumpa orang nak bli juara.

betul aku setuju. aku pon x sanjung sangat keta mesia, tapi kadang2 orang kutuk melebih.

Really kamal?Not in their brochures. That is such a conspiracy theory..mwahaha..but then again they have stopped the production so accordingly, they have removed those cars from their catalogs.

Kamal said...

well, it's just a theory that ive deducted, since these 3 cars are the most unpopular cars from proton and didnt sell well in the malaysian market. haha. :-)

well you may be right at some point. maybe it's just me being skeptical about malaysian cars. hmmm.

fairuz.. said...

proton juara simply kereta yg paling buruk yg pnah dibuat org..

proton ok je...ade gak kereta cantik cam satria tapi juara memang x dpt diterima lgsg..---x logik lgsg knape ko bole tersuke kotak(kereta?mesin basuh??) ni--- haha

xkan ko nak masuk katogeri 'genius' kot fiq suke benda2 pelik camni..biasenye 'genius' je ckp lain dr org lain-ko paham kan.hehe

muhanna,jgn trpengaruh ngn blog ni...cube pi google balik images juara,mesti ko sedar nape ramai malaysian atau melayu atau org2 lain x suke juara..bukan sebb msian car tapi sebab die 'jUaRa"..
kereta msia yg lain sume ok je..

balik msia nanti aku nak try interview pemilik juara nak tny perasaan diorg..nak kasi ksedaran kat ko fiq.haha..

serius kalo jadik transformers pun mesti Optimus prime xnak terima sebab huduh bangat..

last sekali..tolongla tgk btul2 juara tu fiq..kotak je tu..

QifA said...

haha...kalau dia jadik transformers mesti dia jadi best friend optimus prime.

takpon optimus prime mesti jeles tengok dia hensem sangat. dan mungkin dia disingkirkan dari team autobots

Fadly Kharie said...


my mom says Juara just like a giant moving bread,

Still I think the reason proton doesn't recognize and widely promote this car is just an excuse to answer the majority people's perception, they are desperately looking for money to move on of course.

It is passion, located within our motivational and will sphere wic no one clearly understand it.

and still you are entitled to your opinion. If im not mistaken that this kind of car been roaming quite freely in japan

btw i also got the classic volkswagen beetle car with the original rear engine, she's been sleepin in our garage. A lot people did actually came to my house and been offerin 50 k +++ just to buy her and of course again and again she been higly protected and defended by my father.

anyone dare to accept the quest and claim the sleeping beauty? haha

QifA said...

cool that you've got one beetle in ur garage.hoho.

50k? i think i can find cheaper ones in mesia.hehe

Rizal AbdRahman said...

Siot..Tergelak aku pagi2 sorang2 baca perdebatan kereta genius ko ni Afiq.

Apa2 pun, Proton still have a longg way to go. Byk improvement dalam byk sektor kena dipesatkan.

Dan apa yang paling penting sekali utk capai apa yang kita Malaysians impikan, nak jadikan Proton kereta Malaysia yang high ranking dalam list kereta dunia, adalah sokongan kita kepada Proton untuk membolehkan dia terus mendapat momentum secukupnya untuk terus maju laju.

Tapi still aku rasa Juara buruk. Aku try sekali lagi tgk baik2 kot2 aku ada mislooked mana2 (since hang dok kata genius creation, etc etc, tapi still, aku takkan beli Juara. Byk lagi design proton lain yg cun. Hehe.

QifA said...

haha..betui rizal..aku sokong proton gak..byk lg proton kena improve tapi pon

Fuzzy A! said...

Engkau sama kan Juara ngan Beetle, Fiq. Kekejaman terhadap VW.

Aku pun dah ada kereta idaman aku. Mini morris. Beli campur tukar transmission to auto dan letak radio/cd player 12k. Best giler. Sayang aku kat die..

QifA said...

VW and Juara...equilibrium at its best, balanced equation to say the least..haha

Anonymous said...

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