"Hisap Marlboro.Minum Coca Cola. Tengok MTV. Amerika demo."

It is rare that a Malay movie manages to be as natural as our everyday life. But Wan Azli Wan Jusoh's "Budak Kelantan" is as natural as it gets.

The rawness of the movie is equal to listening to any Ramones' song, with its simple yet subtle storyline combined with good acting from the cast. Lately Malay movies are either stupidly funny or too complicated, trying to match our counterparts from Hollywood.

And the dikir barat song at the end of the movie rocks like hell, with a guitar solo accompanying the tribal drums/kompang and that soothing Malaysian rhythm.

Budak Kelantan chronicles the life of 2 childhood friends from Kelantan, who are staying in Kuala Lumpur. They lead absolutely contrasting lives, with Jahar living his life as a drug addict cum rapist cum 'businessman', while Ocet is a pious guy with a good background.

The bulk of the movie consists of how Jahar spends most of his time in Kuala Lumpur, with Ocet tagging along after they accidentally met at Central Market. An honest unhypocritical guy, Jahar shows the negative side of his life to Ocet. Ocet was in limbo , as he was trapped into a corner he never wished for and had to follow his friend during the weekend, witnessing his delinquent habits.

Jahar, who doesn't believe in true love ends up falling for Ocet's girlfriend and a 'classic love triangle' ensues.

As a children of the MTV generation (i have to admit), i myself is a subcriber of American values/cultures. At times the movie wants to view how we have become Americanised due to the effect of globalisation.

I am talking about me. I listen to American music. I dress the way Americans do, with my baggy pants sometimes revealing bits of my underwear. I watch American movies. In short, i admit that i have been Americanised. And therefore, i need to try to change the way i view life, as i was too much into America and everything about it.

And by the way, where are you Barack Obama? A quote from davidduke.com :-

"Roared into the political scene like a lion, but has been as silent as a lamb regarding the Israel invasion of Gaza."

Jahar led a sinful life but yeah he was a real honest dude. And for that i respect him. People lead different lives, and although he knew what he did was wrong, deep inside he wanted to change.

Would it be wrong if he had changed himself for the sake of the girl?

Well, i leave the romantic part of the movie for myself.

I would give the movie a solid 7 out of 10. This is based on the Malaysian movie scale.

Now i want to form a dikir barat band. Interested? Please do contact me.

Ada seko, anak tupey,
ataih jule bokte,
pucuk eko?, perut lapo,
jalan cari makey.


3belas said...

salah tu fiq..macam orang perak lak bunyinye.ni yang betul.

Ado seko, anok tuppa,
attah jula mokte,
putuh eko(putus ekor), perghuk lapa,
jale carghi makey.

haha..keh,sambung baca review ko..tak abeh lagi.

cerap said...

Artis: Halim Yazid
Lagu: Anak Tupai

Ada sekor anak tupa, atah jula mokte,
kudung ekor perok lapar, jale cari make,

Kejadian tuhan dipanggil nama tupa,
asalnyo dale hute, sejenis mamalia
Kejadian tuhan dipanggil nama tupa,
asalnyo dale hute, sejenis mamalia
kalu pasal jakit kot dahe, diolah yang paling panda,
jatuh jare-jare kerano dio tok soba,

pandai-pandai tupai melopat jatuh tanoh jugok,
nok wi gambar ko ore jahat, jange telajok manggok,
jange telajok manggok,

ore jame ghitu pakat hambat tupa,
bimbe ko buoh kayu, takut tok de besa,
ore jame ghitu pakat hambat tupa,
bimbe ko buoh kayu, takut tok de besa,
nyor, durie, duku, kalu de nyo kerik tupa,
pendek tahun tu nyor, durie tok leh nok jual

Ore sekapong tupa seko, berambak hari-hari,
nyo pakat likong, nyo pakat pekong, tupa tok leh lari

Sekak bedil ado, tupa habih mati,
hok ni la sayo raso kito sangat rugi,
kito manusia tinggi mano pun kita ngaji,
nok buat tupa seko, tentu sekali doh tok jadi

Lo ni kapong atau bandar, jare boleh tengok,
bapok tupa, ibu tupa jale bawok anok
jale bawok anok

raso kesian sunggoh tengok seko anok tupa,
kerano telajok kuruh sampai tok leh nok niti pagar,
bulu-bulu pun habih luruh, air mata bera-bera,
mari dale baroh, bekali kena racun tebaka

QifA said...

hoho..thank you thank you matpi n cerap..haha..pendengaran aku menipu aku..