Zafarul Asyraf, Liverpool fan, Ahmad Zakiran and Firdauz

To Zafarul Asyraf :

Maybe you're wandering somewhere on Broadway, the 5th Avenue or Times Square right now. Wherever you are, i hope you realize you're 25=1/4 of century years old.

At 25, you're a walking piece of artifact, a historical piece of walking artifact. You're very old let me remind you of that.

Come back save, teach me how to cook, and let's all pray Liverpool will win the Premier League this season. It's your 'second' team, ain't that true?

Happy 25th Birthday.

Real Madrid>Barceclowna.

To Firdauz :

Do take note that i typed your name correctly with the Z at the back.

Let's prepare Coconut Jam/Spread (kaya) tomorrow morning.

Happy Birthday. Let's go Takraw!

You're 22. But you look older than me. Too bad.


fairuz.. said...

BARCELONA..>>>>> real MADrid..

QifA said...

9 times european champions?

13 said...

dauz even looks older than me.haha..hepi besday