The fact of the matter is, i just don't care.

Actually, i am a bit annoyed. Thus, the birth of this post.

There are much better things to do when you're the head minister of Kedah, and Ustaz Azizan contributed by changing the name of Alor Star to Alor Setar.

What's the point here? I just don't get it.

Not that i don't like him, Dato' Mahadzir Khalid the previous MB was even worse than him.

I'm in the mood to slander politicians. All of them. I am keeping it for later. After my exams are over.

Here's a piece of history, from a letter written by Tunku Ismail Jewa to NST. He is the grandson of Sultan Abdul Hamid, who was the sultan of Kedah from 1882-1943.

It used to be Kota Star, but Sultan Abdul Hamid decided to change it into "Alor" (stream or channel in English), as the city was rich with rivers to water the paddy fields. The most famous would be Terusan Wan Mat Saman.

When Jawi was Romanised in 1909, the government at that very moment changed it into "Alor Star", and the usage of this spelling lasted until 1969.

In 1969, for some mystical reasons, they changed it into "Alor Setar".

Then after attaining city status (due to the population of the city, it isnot based on the development of the city!) in 2003, they reverted it back to "Alor Star".

And on 15th January 2009, it's back to "Alor Setar" once again.

If MCA takes over one day, maybe it's gonna be "Ah Long Star".

MIC might want to change the name of the city to "New Delhi".

Then PKR comes in and changes it to "Star City or Bandar Bintang"!

If i am the MB of Alor Star, i prefer the name "Kolam Hati". Just like Kota Baru, the city will have its own corresponding city in the United Kingdom.

Alor Star/Alor Setar is still my home, no matter how they spell it.

PS : Wish me luck for Paediatrics tomorrow!


Kamal said...

haha. kolam hati. i didnt understand what u meant until i read kota bharu has its own corresponding city in the United Kingdom.

anyway, kota bharu has the same problem. either it is kota bharu, kota baru or kota baharu. because the majlis bandaran there use all the three names for signboards / road signs. im confused too.

QifA said...

hoho..yea kolam hati tu,it sounds really nice and weird..cities should have weird names to boost their popularity.

kolam hati would be very mencapap kind of name. wic is cool.

Owh really. Thought it was only kota baru. hehe

Yopiscky said...

i prefer it change to 'Los Staq'
sounds weird 4 d outsider but not for kedah 'citizen' haha

QifA said...

Los Staq ok gak..ala2 los angeles. Nak bagi sempoi bagi ejaan Los Staque..haa..

Los Staque. yaa...

13 said...

setahu aku kota bharu je..selalu bila aku tulis surat,aku eja kota bharu.Ada ejaan lain ke?dem!

los staque?pergh..

Jenan ust azizan tak tukar lak?jadi Jenan d jeneiro ke.heh

QifA said...

haha..ok gak jenan d jeneiro..tuleh surat bagi kat dia nanti..pening ustat..

Yopiscky said...

besanya rule FAM bertahan 2-3 tahun ja..pasni kalo jualan tiket kurang sebab player kita main macam bdak skolah dia allow balik la awang import

point kat cni - kalo ada Los Staque Galaxy, rasa2 Beckham berminat x nak main team tu?

QifA said...

yaa..bukan saja beckham..pele pon kempunan nak main bola balik..

Anonymous said...

last time i remembered the reason it was changed to star was to keep up with the modern trend or modernization of the city, WTH eventho social issues where going up in this city.

and besides my birth certificate is "ALOR SETAR" and I prefer to always spell it that way.

QifA said...

Alor Setar has always been the way i spelt it before. Star either sounds too lame or too english. So yeah, between the two, it will always be Alor Setar for me.